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Cybernet Evolution Security Framework

Identify - Protect – Detect - Respond - Recover

Cybernet Evolution’s Security Framework is an adoption of the globally recongnised NIST Cyber Security Framework. This framework acknowledges that cyber security is an on-going process of risk reduction and management and has been designed for use with small to medium business in any sector.

Underpinning this framework is an assumption that no protection methods are 100% effective at preventing a determined attacker. Therefore a robust cybersecurity solution also needs effective detection, response and recovery methods

The Cybernet Evolution Security Framework utilises current cyber security best practices to provide business with a level of security for their software, hardware, cloud, data and staff.  This framework is the basis for our managed service offerings and cyber security risk analysis.

Cybernet Evolution provides three levels of security solution inclusions via managed services to meet business budget and risk acceptance levels. Our managed services are labelled Standard , Premium  and Ultimate  to provide a good, better and best approach to cyber security.

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